Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bubble gum tongue

I'm glad you could make it It's nice to see you here I really wanted you to see my work It's good to see you I really wanted you to be here You smell nice like a summer breeze clean like you've just showered but spicy and mysterious You make me look good I want to get close with you We're almost touching did you know When you hold your glass you are holding me Your soft fingers on my forehead Can you feel my breath on your neck One time i lay on the grass in a cow paddock I lay very still and all the cows came over to me and put their noses close to my neck and face and they were breathing heavy warm breaths You know the earth's not tricking you It's essential stuff Stuff this take me outside and dig a hole Let's dig throwing dirt like crazy It's getting all over your shirt but you don't care You're reckless like that I want to Let me climb up to wiggle through you slipping embryonic massaging organs It's rosy tinted here behind your skin One day when you and I are one our bodies merging my knees making buns with your knees our fingers fusing to form endless loops through arms No more pointing Your blood becomes my saliva I can taste your plans and my hair plants roots onto your face our tongues make bubble gum writhing together one tongue.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Prospecting; Helsinki version, 2011. A 15 minute performance at 1am.

Digging and digging through concrete. Dropping spoons, picking them up, dropping spoons, picking them up.

A situational performance. With support from Ptarmigan and Arteles Creative Centre

An invited audience were looking through the glass wall of a cosy cafe while passers by created an impromtu outdoor audience. 

Read about the project and those of other residents in the Arteles Catalogue